Program Descriptions

Registration for Fall 2018 opens September 1st.

We rehearse at Shepherd’s Grove every Thursday afternoon and evening. Workshops take place on scheduled Saturday mornings. Our program divides into the following groups for rehearsal:

Voices of Joy Beginning Choir: K-3rd grade

Voices of Song Intermediate Choir: 4th-6th grade

Voices of Harmony Advanced Chorus: 7th-12th grade (auditioned)

New Melodies Acapella Girls Group: 8th -12th grade (auditioned)

Experience is not necessary to join the beginning or intermediate children’s choir, but an audition is required for placement in the advanced chorus and the acapella group. All members of Voices of Hope Children’s Choir perform together as one large choir and in concert venues each of these tiered groups are specially featured. This grouping allows us to rehearse with the children at their level of musicianship and maturity, and it allows for more individual attention and development.

4445 Alton Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92604